attain – [Memoria XI]

Some of my favorite stories that you don’t hear often about artists are the ones where they come from a small town in the middle of a state that isn’t quite known for music, but they have a talent that’s so prominent, they’re destined to be heard by the right people. Memoria XI, someone who I’ve covered extensively over the past couple of years, is a musician who has such a gift and a true knack for music that he caught the ears of the right people, and ever since he has been able to share that gift with the world.

Throughout his young and growing career, he has worked with some amazing talents over at Internet Money as well as dropped a few songs with Landon Cube, and after being spotted in the studio with Ty Dolla $ign who was completely vibing with one of his songs, there is no way that he is going to be anything less than a superstar. If you’re unfamiliar with the Hyattsville, Maryland-born emcee, his latest song “attain” is the perfect opportunity to tap in.

The instrumental features an emotive guitar melody alongside punchy drums and intoxicating percussion, but Memoria definitely steals the show, per usual. He has a sound similar to The Kid LAROI, but there is just something behind his delivery that comes off as being so much more authentic and genuine, and I think that plays a massive role in each and every song he composes.

Whether he stretches his notes and belts from the bottom of his heart or calms himself and lets off the gas for a moment or two, there is never a shortage of meaning within this record, and that speaks volumes about his artistry and realism. Memoria XI has been a star for longer than I can remember, but now that the masses are finally starting to catch on, you better hop on the bandwagon before it leaves you behind, and “attain” is yet another chance for you to start fresh and get acquainted with this unbelievable singer.