ATL Freestyle – [Tony Shhnow]

Tony Shhnow is a relatively new name to me somehow, yet he has worked with so many different artists that I’ve been following for years, so I’m shocked I haven’t come across his music sooner. While my brother has been raving to me about him for the past few weeks, I finally decided to do some research and found out that his name sounded familiar because of his work with Larry League, CashCache, and 10kDunkin, amongst others, and somehow, I just must’ve been too ignorant to realize the gem I was missing out on.

Thankfully, I was able to reintroduce him to me with the release of the brand-new music video for his hit song “ATL Freestyle”, and it was a visual I simply couldn’t pass up. Teaming up with Jelani Miller to shoot this miniature movie, he was able to bring one of his best songs off of last year’s project Black Billionaire Club to life, and the results are pretty unforgettable, to say the least. As it begins, there is a small series of text in the bottom left-hand corner that resembles what old MTV-inspired music videos used to introduce an artist and their song, and the nostalgic feeling definitely follows suit.

There almost seems to be this old-school, gritty filter over most of the shots as slightly oversaturating lighting takes over every scene. While Tony begins to make his way around a nice house, he is decked out in a basketball jersey, fitted hat, baggy jeans, and various pieces of jewelry that truly give him the look of a mid-2000s rapper, which combines nicely with the Neptunes instrumental he utilized on this record. Whether he’s hanging out in the bedroom with his girl, moseying around the house, or standing in front of a fish-eye lens with a green backdrop, everything about this visual screams old school, and that’s definitely something I can’t help but emphasize because of just how much I appreciate the effort that went into this flick.

After listening to just a few tracks by Tony, it’s obvious why his cult following continues to grow, and even though he’s from Georgia where trap is king, he is making a name for himself in a lane of his own, so that’s another factor that I simply can’t let go unnoticed. Above all else, though, it just looks and sounds like he’s having fun with his music, not taking it too seriously and allowing his natural personality to shine brightly beyond any of the pressures that might come with a still young career in music. Tony Shhnow is definitely someone I’m going to keep my eye on much more moving forward, and I couldn’t be more excited to share his latest music video for his song “ATL Freestyle” below.