Atari – [Will Hill] & [Hollywood Cole]

Rapper and producer combos is something that I will always praise whenever I see it and it works so well. It’s one thing to collaborate and come out with something amazing, but when an artist and a producer really tap in with one another to create a full body of work, it takes true chemistry and has to be a perfect blend of the two. Atlanta-native Will Hill tapped in with Hollywood Cole, who recently is known for his contributions to Isaiah Rashad’s new album The House Is Burning, to create their joint project titled Bring the Bottles In, which is their third collaboration together. Their single and visual from the album, titled “Atari”, showcases them both trying to make moves for a function later on in the night. This is the vibe that carries along in the project as well, as it serves as the perfect blend of rider music and chill music. Speaking on behalf of the project, they stated:

“”Coming off of our last two projects, we wanted to build on what we had already done and improve on that by showing our range and that we can do more than just make boom bap type records. Our focus was to celebrate what we had already done in addition to everything that’s on the horizon and I think we convey that message throughout the project.”

Watch the visuals for “Atari” and listen to the full project Bring the Bottles In below!