Armed & Dangerous – [King Von]

2020 was obviously an extremely difficult year for pretty much everyone, but music fans had a few losses to make the year even worse, and those wounds aren’t going to heal for quite some time. Although losses are never easy whatsoever, it seems like the talents that passed away way too soon were some of the hardest working individuals in the industry, so they left fans with copious amounts of unreleased music to help continue their legacies.

As for King Von, he was rapidly becoming one of the most prominent voices in all of Drill music before his life was stolen away, however it seems as if some of his insane stories that unfolded in his music alluded to the dangers and hazards that have crept up on him throughout his life. Most recently, Von’s estate decided to share an unbelievable new Jerry Production-directed music video for his latest album Welcome to O’Block’s opening track “Armed & Dangerous”, produced by Chopsquad DJ. While it’s not a surprise that Von painted lyrical pictures with his words, it never fails that his visuals do an absolutely remarkable job of bringing these lyrics to life.

With this record, Von begins taking out the track before walking down the street, looking around at all the “hidden” agents and undercover cops who seem to be following his every move. Later on, he finds himself expressively ranting to his cellmate about the losses he had to live through as well as certain formative moments throughout his life. One of these moments, which is later acted out, talks about his favorite uncle who had a drug problem that ended up taking his life while Von was in prison. The only scene that takes place without really pertaining to the lyrics comes towards the end, but the large fire that burns behind Von as he spits his bars seems to emphasize the attack and aggression that comes through loud and clear in Von’s verses.

It always briefly saddens me writing about artists like Von because when I listen to their music, see their music videos, and hear their stories, it makes me imagine what they could’ve done had they not been taken from this Earth so soon. At the same time, the other part of me knows that they’re looking down from above and smiling about everything they were able to accomplish during their time, and they have to be beyond excited to know that their fans aren’t going anywhere, and we’re going to continue to carry on their legacies for as long as we possibly can. I highly suggest you check out the brand-new music video for “Armed & Dangerous” while we wait for other unreleased music, videos, and other content from King Von’s hard-working team.