Seattle, Washington native, Ark Patrol shares his new immersive self-titled album. Written during a tough time during his life, Ark Patrol reconfigures his feelings of depression, hopelessness and hope into a sonic structure that is his newest offering. The ten-track, 39-minute project is a production fueled roller coaster that is able to touch on an array of emotions through the use of electronic and live instrumentation. Ark Patrol describes the project, saying,

“This album is meant to be an honest offering of ideas that represent my tastes – presented for the first time with zero thought or consideration as to the audience… I needed a free release of my feelings, emotions and ideas. What you are listening to is my free fall. I wrote these songs in abandoned cafes, through tough nights and long days, in hospital rooms and broken down cars, in the tram and in my bedroom.”

Ark’s selfish mentality pays off, delivering listeners a vulnerable and emotion stirring project. If you’re feeling the new self-titled project from Ark Patrol make sure to show some him some love by following him on Twitter and Instagram.