argyle – [brakence]

Hyperpop is a music subgenre that has pretty much fully consumed my life at this point, and I’m not complaining about that for even a second. It seemed like for the past couple of years, there has been a bit of a stale taste in my mouth with the direction that the music industry was headed in, and once quarantine began and all of the hyperpop artists started to receive some attention, I felt refreshed and excited for what was to come, and my excitement becomes more and more justified with every new hyperpop release.

There are some artists I find myself listening to daily because they seem to release so much music while others seem to be a bit more elusive, and as of recently, brakence seems to be the latter. Although he might not put out countless records on a weekly basis like some of his counterparts, the music he does release is carefully thought out and well put together, giving fans a look into who he is as a person and the real-life struggles he endures which connects with listeners even deeper than I could’ve ever expected.

Right before the weekend, brakence decided to drop another record entitled “argyle”, and while some of his drops can be much more experimental and intricate, this track has the best of both worlds with unique sounds mixed with likable and relatable lyrics, making it a hit in every sense of the word. The instrumental contains some touching acoustic guitar licks alongside deep, powerful 808s and tapping percussion, and these things switch up constantly throughout this track’s playtime.

Although it’s nothing new for brakence, his words are delivered with so much passion and emotion that they capture every last ounce of your attention from the very moment he begins singing, and as he swings his vocals, some lines even end with a bit of a high-pitched rasp that works unbelievably well with the different parts of the instrumental.

His emotions seem to continuously grow as the song continues on, ultimately reaching a pinnacle by the end where he all-out yells into the microphone, ending things on a very convicting and commanding note that will linger in your mind for weeks to come. Out of all the artists that are considered to be in the hyperpop scene, brakence is one that more people need to keep their eye on, so make sure you tap in with his latest song “argyle” in order to not miss a beat with this unbelievably talented up-and-coming artist’s blossoming career.