Areyoudown? Pt.2 – [Saba] ft. [tobi loui]

When talking about some of the biggest names in Chicago, there is no question that the talented Saba will come up in that conversation. For years, he has proven himself to be one of the most talented artists who often deviates further than rap. Saba recently teamed up with equally impressive and fellow Chicagoan tobi lou to drop their new single, Areyoudown? Pt. 2. The successor to Saba’s Timezone/Whip (areyoudown?) which dropped over 5 years ago, Saba delivers a dystopian sound on the new single that I haven’t heard before. It’s unique and flows incredibly well and proves Saba’s ability to try out new deliveries for his rhymes. tobi lou also dropped an iconic verse that really emphasizes his talented voice and gives us this iconic line, “It’s tobi lou and Saba b-tch You don’t really want no problem”. That line really encompasses how well this duo works together and I really hope we can see more from the two in the near future. Until then check out the new single down below.

Produced by Daedae, Daoud & Mr. Carmack