Are We Alright? – [Amie Blu]

For as long as I can remember there has always been something in the water when it comes to incredibly talented R&B artists coming out of the UK. My latest obsession is no different, her writing is intimate and blissfully romantic, her voice warm, and the production that supports her feels fitted and thoughtful, with each note, whether played or sung, sounding predestined. This long-winded introduction is for the incredibly talented Amie Blu. The UK-based singer-songwriter first caught my attention with her previously released singles “All For You” and “Another Lifetime.” Both songs completely blew me away and her latest single follows suit. “Are We Alright?” is heartfelt, heartbreaking, and utterly intimate. Amie Blu’s songwriting paints a vivid picture of complicated love; it’s unfortunate fraying and its eventual extinguishing, that is backed by moving production that coats Amie’s voice in a heartbreaking haze. The newly released single runs for a heavenly four minutes giving Amie plenty of runway to perform as a singer as well as a songwriter. The genre of R&B is in such a great space right now and Amie Blu’s addition into it has only made it better.

Listen to “Are We Alright?” from Amie Blu below.