Anything for You – [Noah Vela]

Music can be used as an outlet of many different forms for musicians from all different walks of life, and while some narratives bring me in more than others, I always appreciate it when someone uses their gift to share their emotions. Noah Vela is a talent who has gotten very good at this throughout his tenure, beginning his music writing journey while in college and constantly transforming as an artist but also as a person first and foremost.

The San Gabriel Valley emcee might be new to me as a listener, but his song “Anything for You” was my first taste of his skill set, and I’m definitely excited to see what he has in store as he continues to progress. This track has an extremely intoxicating instrumental that boasts an unforgettable drumline alongside this pounding vibrance that will become lodged in your head as soon as you hear the first chorus.

As he sings, there is clearly a ton of emotion behind his message, and considering he seems to annunciate very clearly in order to make sure that none of his messages become misconstrued, you have a direct path straight to his soul and that’s something I appreciate without a doubt. Now, I won’t say that this track is perfect because I feel like he almost seems to hold back a little bit, and while his impassioned delivery is obvious, I do think that if he included a bit more energy and personality into this track, it would’ve definitely taken things over the top.

That’s not to say that this record is bad by any means, though, because it definitely has repeatability and this unteachable catchiness to it, but I think that as he refines his skills as time goes on, he is really going to be a force in this industry. “Anything for You” is the latest and greatest from California native Noah Vela, so make sure you tap in with the up-and-coming talent as soon as you get the chance.