Yung Skayda and Karm the Tool are misfits, but I say that in the most endearing, respectful way possible. Not that I feel like they would take any offense to this label, though, because the pair seem to wear it as a badge of honor in any music endeavor they venture into. The tag team makes up the fascinating group WHOKILLEDXIX, a collective that has been classified as hyperpop in the past, but the more I hear from them, the more I understand that their mashup of electronic, punk, rock, and countless other genres really gives them a sound unlike anyone else, so it’s hard to actually explain what kind of music they make because it seems to differ from song to song.

The one constant through all of their hits is just that: they’re all absolute bangers that would bust any speakers if played loud enough and they just make you want to rage. With their album PULLBACK due out on October 28th, they have been creating a campaign full of instant classics that will have music purists pissed off, but open-minded listeners absolutely raving, as I have been ever since first finding out about them.

My thoughts don’t change whatsoever when it comes to their latest self-produced single “ANXIETY”, and I find myself enjoying them more and more as time goes on. This one is as close to pure punk rock as they’ve come, demonstrating some infectious angsty vocals over an electric guitar melody that will have you wanting to wreak havoc all over your city and rebel against any rule that has been put in place prior to turning this track on.

The same goes for the Ben Hanning-directed visual where things are kept as simple as possible amongst the chaos and unique characters that join the duo in their revolt. WHOKILLEDXIX are only getting more powerful with every new song they put out, which means that they’re gearing up for an absolute statement when their project finally drops at the end of October, and I can’t wait to see what they have to say!