Antisocial 3 Freestyle – [UnoTheActivist]

Lyrical Lemonade fam – What’s our nighttime routine looking like? Do you hop into bed with your full day-face on? Are we exfoliating? Cleansing? Moisturizing? It seems like everybody’s ritual is different, mine included. Every night I go to my BabySantana shrine and pray that we get another “Antisocial” remix. I light my custom BabySantana candles, clutch my Slump6s rosary, and I try as hard as I can to manifest something from the great beyond. After hearing last year’s Slump6s-assisted “Antisocial”, and its subsequent remix featuring artists from Yung Fazo to SSGKobe, I’ve spent at least 30 minutes of every evening manifesting just one more remix. One more dose of the hellraising chaos that only that mix could bring out of an artist. I’m not a religious person, but I’ve been left ravenous for something that I thought I’d never get, leaving a hole that would never be filled. This week, however, my prayers were answered, as none other than UnoTheActivist returned with what may be the final remix to the BabySantana track, “Antisocial 3 freestyle”.

Please believe me when I tell you, from the bottom of my heart, it was worth the wait.

Off the heels of the Madeintyo collab project Yokohama and Unoverse 3, UnoTheActivist taps into energy that fans haven’t seen since 2020’s “Night Mode” for his take on this immediately iconic track. His voice and flow are untouchable, perfectly complementing the demonic aura surrounding “Antisocial” and those who engage with it. Whether he’s rapping about drinking codeine, paying respect to King Von, or referencing Playboi Carti lines, UnoTheActivist holds nothing back on “Antisocial 3 freestyle”. After Uno’s performance, I think I’m finally ready to stop praying for more remixes, but if “Antisocial” ended up getting an “Old Town Road” type treatment with features all across the genre spectrum, I wouldn’t be mad.

Check out UnoTheActivist remix BabySantana and Slump6s’s “Antisocial” below: