ANTI – [Aundrey Guillaume]

After seeing so many different artists come across my screen on a daily basis, it can be difficult to find talents who truly deserve recognition when compared to others who are simply chasing clout, money, and fame. An easy way to differentiate these people is to figure out who is truly speaking from the heart and sharing their story rather than just talking about the cash flow they don’t have and the designer clothes they dream of one day owning.

While this is a generalization, I think it’s beyond important to point out how Aundrey Guillaume is obviously an artist who deserves all the notoriety he has been receiving recently because his music is emotional, passionate, unique, and concentrated, all in the best possible ways. Although his song “ANTI” is the first and only record I’ve heard from him thus far considering he was just put on my radar today, I got legitimately excited to look into his other offerings because his potential and personality are enough to get me anticipatory of his future in this industry.

Opening up with the Bregma-produced instrumental, crisp, chattering percussion is combined with a smooth, relaxed melody that is brought to new heights thanks to the help of the pungent drums that keep the tempo moving, giving Aundrey a wonderful base to share his story and get some things off of his chest. In the beginning, he starts out with a fairly soft-spoken, calm demeanor that is addictive and works perfectly with this beat’s style.

His cadences might not be over the top or too intricate, but the way they just float over the instrumental and ride out kept me captivated the entire time, and this allows his story to be shared in its entirety, and it’s a story that is just as fascinating as his individualistic sound.

Aundrey’s enthusiasm remains fairly consistent throughout, only swinging his vocals every now and then to add something new to the table, but his even-keeled personality is something that I don’t think any listener can take for granted when listening to this record. Alongside this song comes a black and white, Brandon Black-directed music video that is another incredible addition to this release, making “ANTI” a drop from California artist Aundrey Guillaume a song and visual that you need in your life as soon as you get the chance to check it out.