An Endless Cycle – [Mon Rovia]

Mon Rovia is an artist that I have been getting to know more and more throughout the past few months, and today he is finding himself back on our website with his latest music video for “An Endless Cycle”. I can’t stress enough how important good music videos are for new upcoming artists, it’s a crucial way to make yourself stand out from the mass amount of other artists that are coming out with new material on a day to day basis, and from the visuals that I’ve watched of his so far as well as this new joint, Mon Rovia excels in this space. Not that he needed to stand out any more than he does already, he’s a unique + gifted creative whose music puts him in a class of his own, the visuals are just a nice cherry on top. Mon Rovia is someone that I am going to be keeping a close tab on throughout these next few years, I am eager to hear the music that awaits us. Watch this new music video below!