AMG TAPES – [pradaplz]

Making his Lyrical Lemonade debut today is Pradaplz with their new project AMG TAPES which is a comprehensive experience at fifteen-tracks which gives Prada ample opportunity to show-off his versatility and take on a variety of instrumental styles. His beat selection is quite impressive, creating a coherent but assorted grouping of sounds that vary in pace but all allow Prada to float nonchalantly over them. My favorite tracks from AMG TAPES are “Saks Fifth” “AMG High” and “My Omen” but honestly from top-to-bottom this project is quite consistent and I look forward to seeing Prada bring some of these songs to life with videos. Hopefully AMG TAPES is not the last project we get from pradaplz before the year’s end and I hope he continues the consistency he has been approaching his craft with.