American Paranoid Freak – [Damien Styles]

I usually try and keep up with the most recent releases instead of going back a few months and seeing what I missed, but when the homie put me onto a new artist I was unfamiliar with named Damien Styles, I had to listen up. The song that I was introduced to is called “American Paranoid Freak”, and although it might’ve been out for a bit of time at this point, it was a record that I heard and just had to share despite the timing.

Opening with what seems to be a very energetic, fast-paced instrumental with quick synths, guitars, and the makings for an incredible record, things take a turn early into the production. When the beat drops with heavy 808s and piercing claps, the tempo changes to a much slower yet more epic-sounding, grand scale feel that Damien’s voice fits impeccably well on. Beginning with the hook, Damien’s voice just echoes out unbelievably well as he belts his lines, leaving us with a chorus that lingers on your mind long after the song finishes.

There is this dejected passion within his words that is extremely reminiscent of Lil Peep’s legendary sound, yet Damien puts his own spin on things to make sure to remain new and unique without ever biting someone else’s style. As the song moves on, it seems like there are multiple layers of vocals throughout various moments of the record, giving the impression that an entire crowd is singing along which contributes to the big room vibe that I get. This also makes it extremely easy to envision this song being performed live at a massive venue as fans sing along with Damien word for word, and that’s something that I’m more so excited about more than anything else.

Alongside the song came a music video directed by Dropout Klub, and while it is definitely a video you’re going to want to check out as soon as you can, I was just truly captivated by the song itself so I couldn’t help but focus mainly on that. All in all, Damien is finally beginning to get the recognition that he deserves after seemingly grinding for so long and hard with his music. He signed with 10k Projects and is currently working hard on some upcoming music that I’m sure fans are going to be blown away by, so if you didn’t know about him before this like me, I highly suggest you get in tune immediately. “American Paranoid Freak” is the perfect place to start, so make sure you peep the song and visual as soon as you possibly get a chance.