American Blueprint – [Tuxx]

One of my favorite things about the new age of music is the fact that so many artists are creating a sound that brings me back to earlier days of my life when I was just skateboarding with my friends (I was terrible, don’t get me wrong), listening to music, and not really caring too much about what was going on in the world. Bands like Blink-182, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Rage Against the Machine, and plenty of others were on the playlist, and we would rotate through all of their albums what seemed to be every day.

Now, even though these are bands that I only revisit every now and then, I feel like I don’t go back as often as I might’ve expected to because so many talents are incorporating this sound into their music currently, and although there is clearly a variety of different influences and innovations that make them sound unique and individualistic, there is a root of this punk-inspired sound that I have always been drawn to.

One of the artists who seems to be doing this better than most right now is Tuxx, an Arizona-raised emcee who has been blazing his own trail, often with some assistance from Internet Money, and I have been so captivated by many of the records he has dropped, with the most recent single “American Blueprint” being one of his best songs yet, in my opinion. Here, Tuxx stretches his words in a slightly angsty yet overtly passionate manner that matches perfectly with the heavy guitar chords and lively drums that decorate his rearview.

While many talents out right now might seem to fabricate their enthusiasm, Tuxx clearly has a deeper, more honest sound that comes off as if he is truly living through most of the topics he is singing about and not just making up a story for the sake of getting plays. Tuxx is seriously one of the most compelling artists to pay attention to currently if you enjoy the new-school style of pop-punk/rock, and I think that “American Blueprint” proves this point over and over again.