Ambré Releases Sophomore EP ‘3000°’

According to Hip-Hop legend Missy Elliot, sophomore albums are a very PIVOTAL time for [an] artist! She encourages them to take risks and experiment. Ambré sophomore EP 3000° showcases how the New Orleans native stepped out of the box to give her fans an amazing experience. Composed of 8 songs that serve as a musical love letter to her hometown of New Orleans, 3000° is quality R&B music that we have grown to love. With appearances from BEAM, Jvck James, Masego, Destin Conrad, and Jay Electronica, the GRAMMY award-winning singer/songwriter did an amazing job selecting meaningful collaborations on her EP.

“For me, the main factors that I took into consideration when seeking features were tone, overall sound, and connection. I’m a fan of a lot of different artists but when it comes to collaborating it’s more than just that, that matters,” She shared. “Jvck was great because we both love each other’s music and had worked before so we knew it would be fire. Jay is a legend, and a hometown hero so outside of him killing his verse he added to the overall story of the ep being a love letter to our, New Orleans.”

With production from Mike N Keyz, Louie Lastic, Myguymars, and Ambré herself, each track brings a different vibe and allows you to see a different side to the rising artist with each track on 3000°.

“Honestly with this project my favorite is always changing, right now my favorite song is “illusionz” because the sound is so different from what my fans are so used to hearing from me. It comes from a pure expression, I was really in that place.” Ambré explains.

This year you can expect to catch Ambré hitting the Afropunk stage in Brooklyn this September.

Check out 3000° below.