REGALJASON’s new video Already Won explores the hopeful notion that if something is truly meant for you, no matter how hard the battle, in essence you have already won the war – a concept found in many religious texts and hymns, some of which are referenced in the lyrics. Regal explains, “For every ounce of support, acceptance, and praise I’ve received, I have faced countless rejections, harsh criticisms, and setbacks, but these negative experiences have become the very tools I have used to continue to climb towards what I feel I am destined to achieve.” Already Won, was produced with Nelson Zavarella and mixed by Mark Ariel Barrie. Having met in LA while REGAL was moving out of an apartment that Nelson was moving into, they began collaborating regularly. Having previously been an electronic music dj, Nelson’s extensive knowledge of synth based soundscapes was the perfect pairing to Regal’s soaring melodies and harmonies culminating in an inventive alternative pop sound. Unlike the majority of the project,  produced together in LA, “Already Won” came about after REGAL had moved to London. REGAL recorded the vocals entirely on his own in his apartment during lockdown in London. Sonically, much like his first single “Empire”, “Already Won” is illustrative of REGAL’s years of experimentation with digital production. Sizzling synths, soaring vocals, and hard hitting, hip-hop style, percussion are just a few threads of the elaborate tapestry that is REGAL’s sound.