Already Dead – [Juice WRLD]

It’s never easy for even a second losing a loved one, and when one of your favorite artists in the entire world passes away so suddenly, it can truly affect you for years and years. While I know people have differing opinions about posthumous releases considering the talent themself isn’t here to give their final stamp of approval, I for one am okay with it because when they put their all into their music as Juice WRLD did, you know that it’s always something that should be available for fans to witness and learn from.

Juice was the definition of an absolute superstar, and if that wasn’t obvious during his time here on Earth, it should be now after seeing the massive success his projects have seen, an entire HBO documentary, and simply the unforgettable legacy he built as well as the mark he left on every single one of his fans. Juice was one of a kind, obviously, and when his team released his album Fighting Demons which boasted 18 songs lasting almost 55 minutes long and features from other talents like Justin Bieber, Polo G, Trippie Redd, and more.

It’s sad knowing that we won’t get too much more original footage within music videos anymore, but animated visuals like the one he just released for the album’s cut “Already Dead” are always welcomed in my book. Directed and written by Steve Cannon, this video shows an animated version of Juice acting as a samurai, fighting off powerful beings that almost appear to be alter egos of himself. While the battle is long and strenuous, Juice prevails as he always has, and even though the end result isn’t something that is revealed, I think we all know who comes out on top in this one.

In order to break up some of the fighting clips, there are never-before-seen shots shown of Juice sharing a powerful message of fighting for your dreams and never stopping until you achieve your goals which was always a narrative Juice encouraged throughout his life. Juice WRLD is a timeless legend, and his story will live on forever thanks to the mark he left on this Earth, so make sure you check out the brand-new video for “Already Dead” in order to celebrate the life of such a remarkable musician that will never be forgotten.