Alone – [Night Lovell]

When most people think of Canadian music, Night Lovell used to probably be one of the last names that would come to mind for most music listeners. Luckily, I’m not like most music listeners, and he is probably at the very top of my list, and it’s been this way for years. His deep voice just lingers over all the peculiar beats he uses, and it echoes off into your mind in such a smooth, buttery fashion. It’s because of this that he is an absolutely magnificent and obvious addition to the G59 roster, and his impact on the label has been notable, to say the least.

With Halloween just around the corner, his music should be more relevant than ever, and thankfully he decided to gift fans with a brand-new song entitled “Alone”, which contributes to his discography brilliantly. The production begins with some hauntingly deep synths and an eerie whistle before piercing 808s and chattering percussion comes into the picture. Lovell feels right at home over this style of instrumental and every single element complements his voice flawlessly as he goes in with his low pitch and suave cadence. His flow is casual and unhurried, but his words are insistent and constant as he intermixes a variety of different rhymes within each bar.

Although his delivery never waivers or changes up too much, this consistency pierces right through to your core and stays with you long after the songs comes to an end. Unlike some of his other labelmates, each and every word is emphasized to make sure you hear exactly what he’s saying and don’t take anything for granted, knowing that every single word he spits is the truth. In his second verse, he speeds things up slightly while still remaining perfectly and effortlessly on beat, providing some much welcomed and greatly appreciated differentiation to the offering. After his vocals cease, the song continues to play for about thirty seconds, changing things up to a much more mysterious, ominous synth that puts you on edge unlike ever before.

In order to elevate this record even more than before, Lovell also gifted us with an intriguing new music video that combines with the track seamlessly and levels up the eeriness perfectly. We’re taken deep into some sort of forest or national park where a security camera-protected building is stranded in the middle of nowhere. Lovell mixes a variety of streetwear brands like FTP and Supreme with luxury brands such as Palm Angels and even The North Face, bringing many different worlds of fashion together for an unbelievable outfit. Shots show him up close and from a distance as the camera slowly pans in on him, a singular individual in the middle of the vast wilderness.

Eventually, he begins to cruise around on a dirt path, riding on an ATV at rapid speeds as he spits his lyrics. Finally, he arrives at the building in the middle of nowhere, and although it seems to others that this was a chance encounter, Lovell seems to think that he was meant to show up there. Black and white security footage shows him entering the premises and wandering around the empty home. He sees a lit cigarette and a handgun on the table which alludes to the fact that someone had just been there, but before we’re introduced to this other character, the visual seems to come to an end somewhat quickly as he gazes off at the mountains in the distance.

While I could go on for days about how much I admire Night Lovell and all of the wonderful music he has released, I simply can’t wait to see what’s next for the Ottawa native. I can confirm that “Alone” is the first single off of his next project which is due to drop early next year, so although we have a bit of a wait until then, his other releases are more than enough to tide us over. Goodnight Lovell, his latest album, is a masterpiece in and of itself, and that’s just one of the many projects he has put out that will set the perfect vibe for this spooky season, so get in tune while we wait for more incredible music. I can only imagine there will be a few more singles out before this next project drops, but either way, “Alone” is a must-listen, so I suggest you do so as soon as you possibly can.