All Time High – [Spottie WiFi] x [Bun B]

A few weeks ago I got familiar with an artist that goes by the name of Spottie WiFi, and man, the story really had me intrigued and somewhat dumbfounded. Spottie WiFi was originally known as Mig Mora and he was a super dope artist in Chicago back during the blog era, he was creative in every sense, even having his own clothing line at one point, but after signing an unfavorable deal, he transitioned into getting a day job. In early 2021, Mig joined the NFT space and soon after that he purchased a Cryptopunk and named it Spottie WiFi, he then became an active member in the NFT/music community space and decided to build a backstory behind Spottie WiFi. This was clearly a power move in every sense of the term, as he was able to not only build status + grow monetarily, but he was also able to creatively make a musical comeback AND do something that no one has done before.

Take a young thriving creative like Spottie WiFi and match him with one of the most legendary rappers of all time in Bun B, it’s a match made in heaven. As these two connected for a brand new song/visual for “All Time High”, I am extremely happy to be premiering it on our website this afternoon. As you can probably assume by reading this so far, the music video does have visual elements + bars that reference the NFT space, and it’s straight-up just a good song. I have a good feeling that more people in the NFT space will be taking the route that Spottie WiFi is currently paving, only time will tell though. Take some time out of your Friday to watch this brand new music video below!

“I’m proud to say I don’t think anybody ever made a song or video like this before, flexing crypto culture to this extent with a legend like Bun B – but I guarantee you’ll see a lot more of it after this.” – Spottie WiFi


“A lot of rappers from my generation are afraid to try something new, work with new artists, and embrace changes. I learned to do those things early on, whether collaborating with an unknown rapper from Canada like Drake, collaborations with streetwear brands, and stepping into the Metaverse. “All Time High” with Spottie is a natural move for me… When the Trill OG and the OG CryptoPunk rapper link up, you know the game is about to change! – Bun B

Produced by Cesar Cuzan • Directed by Fred Vogel • Photos by Max Hummels