All the Smoke – [Tyla Yaweh] ft. [Gunna] & [Wiz Khalifa]

Tyla Yaweh is an artist that I’ve heard so much about and he’s loved by fans from all over, but I just don’t know much about him. Luckily, he teamed up with Gunna and Wiz Khalifa on his record “All the Smoke” back in December as a single off of his highly anticipated new album RAGER BOY, and I had no choice but to listen up. I’m beyond glad I did because although I had heard a few random songs of his in the past, he definitely has such a unique voice that is as dexterous as it is artistic.

This is why when I saw that he teamed up with director Chris Villa to bring this single to life, I knew I had to tune in and peep the visual as soon as I found a spare moment. It seems to open up on some sort of bank getting robbed as a security guard gets beat up and luxurious cars speed off in the rearview. A masked figure hits the vault with a couple of accomplices in order to bag up as much cash as possible while they rush through the corridors, and although it might be obvious, it is quickly revealed that Tyla is leading the charge on this heist.

As he evades being captured, he drifts around streets and drives at incredibly high speeds, smiling and singing his lyrics every single mile per hour faster he gets. When he meets up with Gunna and Wiz, they’re inside a large warehouse that is filled with more exotic cars and motorcycles, many of which can be seen in the streets throughout the rest of the video. Gunna follows suit for his verse, speeding down streets in an extremely fast vehicle while also offering some words in the garage alongside Tyla as well. Things remain pretty consistent in Wiz’s verse as well, however, the three artists get back to what appears to be their home base after the robbery, dumping their loot on the table and celebrating a successful heist.

While I’m not entirely sure when we can expect RAGER BOY, I’m fairly confident that it has to be coming out soon considering all the hype that has been built up around it. So far, the singles have been pretty incredible and the features Tyla has recruited are definitely going to set him up for success, but his unique vocals and infectious charisma are undeniably going to carry this project to the finish line. As for this music video, I thoroughly enjoyed how they incorporated all the expensive vehicles, which might not be out of the ordinary for most Rap videos, while also including a plot that added more to the visual than just flaunting these cars and motorcycles. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more updates on Tyla Yaweh’s upcoming album, but until we hear more about that, don’t miss out on the brand-new music video for his record “All the Smoke” featuring Gunna and Wiz Khalifa.