All The Smoke (Remix)- [Phresher] ft. [Fivio Foreign] & [Stunna 4 Vegas]

I’m not sure how it has come to this, but I legitimately don’t think I’ve ever heard of Brooklyn rapper Phresher until today. I’m appalled and ashamed at this because he seems to be so versatile and well known in the music industry, but I guess I just kept my cheek turned for whatever reason. Considering he has worked with artists like Eminem, Remy Ma, DaBaby, Famous Dex, and a slew of others, I have no excuse as to how I haven’t even at least heard his name. Nonetheless, I’m ecstatic that I now know about him and have so much more music to dive into in order to truly grasp who he is as an artist.

To begin with, however, he first captured my attention with the remix of his song “All The Smoke” which featured fellow New Yorker Fivio Foreign as well as one of the most entertaining young talents, Stunna 4 Vegas. The beat is made up of some altered trumpet sounding instruments along with chattering percussion and booming 808s. Phresher comes in right away for the hook bringing so much energy and liveliness to the track, starting it off on an extremely high note that I’m positive his counterparts are going to be able to match when considering their track record on other songs. His voice is just so unique, and he changes his delivery so much throughout his portions of the song to truly display his personality.

Stunna comes in for the next verse, matching the vigorousness of Phresher as I anticipated. I enjoyed his part because his voice is much cleaner and smoother than Phresher’s more raspy, gritty sound, so it gave a bit more purity to the record. I wasn’t sure how Fivio was going to approach this track considering it wasn’t a drill type beat like he normally uses, but he destroys his verse as well, unsurprisingly. He still utilizes the off-kilter delivery that he has become known for, but he has to adjust it to meet the rhythm of this instrumental, ultimately resulting in another flawless verse from the New York emcee. As with the original version of the song, each rapper takes turns boasting about a variety of expensive things they own as well as sharing threats of violence and reparation for anything that their opposition might try and do to them.

The video for this song takes us to a location that’s a bit ambiguous. It comes off as if it’s a restaurant at times while other moments and activities suggest that it’s a club instead. A text to Phresher from a lovely lady suggests that it’s just a bar as she asks him and his friends to stop by. As they pull up, other shots of patrons within the bar are shown as they pour drinks and cheers to the night ahead of them. Phresher is decked out in an all-over Gucci print outfit as the other two artists show off their more diverse uniforms of additional designer clothing. The bouncer gives them a hard time about getting in, but they brush him off, push him away, and get on with their night. As the scene unfolds, all of the people in the bar begin to get involved in the music video as older women dance with the rappers, other younger ladies get a bit closer to them, and everyone else drinks the night away as they’re shown having the time of their lives. Certain effects and quick scene transitions contribute to the energy and hastiness of the song, elevating it slightly but still allowing the talents to truly steal the show. At the end of the day, this visual just seems to be an all-out rager that was only made possible after the trio of rappers entered the scene and flipped the night on its head.

After hearing how unique and individualistic Phresher is on just this one song, I can’t wait to see what else he has dropped over his time in the Rap industry. Undoubtedly, after this individual song, I can say with the utmost confidence that he deserves more recognition even if he is well known in other parts of the country. His level of notoriety doesn’t seem to be bothering him, however, because he knows exactly how skilled and entertaining he is, so he doesn’t need any sort of reinforcement from anyone else to know this about himself. Getting Fivio and Stunna on this track must’ve been an easy decision as well due to the fact that they’re two of the only rappers that could match the same level of liveliness that Phresher has without dragging the song down. Whether you’ve heard the original version of Phresher’s hit song “All The Smoke” or not, you need to check out the brand-new remix featuring Fivio Foreign and Stunna 4 Vegas as soon as you get a chance.