All of it – [Yeat] ft. [Yung Kayo]

Few artists have had a come-up quite like Yeat, but I couldn’t think of a more deserving artist to receive all of the credit he has been over the past few months. He has been in the music game for years, but after being as patient and hardworking as he has been, he is finally seeing some incredible results, and fans are flocking in his direction every single second. Not only does he have one of the most intriguing, unique voices in the entire industry, but his output is nothing short of incredible, and if you miss one song, another one will be out before you know it.

The other thing that’s so impressive is the fact that he appeals to so many different fanbases, so whether you’re a fan of drill, hardcore rap, hyperpop, or any other genre there is, there’s definitely a good shot that Yeat will be right up your alley. Most recently, he teamed up with Yung Kayo for their song “All of it”, and the results are exactly as energetic and lively as you’d expect.

In the Synthetic-produced beat, you’ll hear some animated, enthusiastic synths that combine with chattering percussion and booming drums, so while this might be a fairly typical instrumental in Yeat’s world, that doesn’t make it any less impressive. When he comes in for the hook, his energy is at an all-time high, per usual, and he does a great job of creating a foundation for Kayo to build off of. When Kayo does come in, he almost manipulates his voice to sound similar to Yeat’s, but his flow is quick and attractive, gifting us with a verse that fits in perfectly on this vivacious beat.

When Yeat comes in for his verse, he switches his cadence up to some quick, choppy lines that once again show off his diversity and make listeners understand exactly why he’s such a force in the music industry currently. Yeat is only going to continue to gain more and more traction as he continues on, so don’t miss out on his latest song “All of it” featuring Yung Kayo, as well as the Jack Rottier-directed music video.