John Matraia
John Matraia
13 Sep 2019

JPEGMAFIA’s new album All My Heroes Are Cornballs is finally here, and it is without a doubt an album of the year contender. 

Cornballs proves that the sky’s the limit for Peggy. He reaches into pockets no one knew existed and pulls out sounds that shouldn’t work together, bringing together elements from genres ranging from noise to glitch hop and combining everything into a sound that is unique to him. 

Lyrically, he’s blunt as ever, telling it like it is, and only like it is, and every track on here is full of quotables. His cadence and delivery is dynamic as ever, as he fits into every track with ease despite the way that these tracks will switch up on a dime.  

Only time will tell how this stacks up to the 2018 standout Veteran, but this new record is the most cutting edge and off the wall form of JPEGMAFIA yet. All My Heroes Are Cornballs genius will appear even further with repeated listens, but it is already apparent that it’s something special. Enough talking though, check out the album for yourself on Spotify below and all other platforms here!