All I Know – [DC the Don]

Some people make music just for the fun of it and don’t really put too much thought into what they create. I don’t hate on this because they just let their creativity flow and see what comes out of it, but I just think that emcees who have a vision along with a story to tell always end up with a more fruitful career that has longevity, and it makes sense why. DC the Don is one of these musicians because he incorporates his vision into every single thing he releases from songs to videos to entire projects, and it is obvious every step of the way.

I had the pleasure of seeing this hitmaker live a month or so ago here in Chicago, and I was beyond enthused to know that the energy and emotion he pours into his art isn’t made up or fabricated because I could feel his passion, love, and charm in the air as he commanded a crowd at that show. I’m already itching to get to another performance of his ASAP, but with his album Funeral slowly unraveling in the form of amazing singles and visuals, I am just excited for what’s to come.

Most recently, Donny teamed up with director Seveneight once again to shoot a video for his video single “All I Know”, and while it’s on the heavier, more emotive side of his creative offerings, the video had me completely glued to my screen. That’s because the scenes proceed to show DC at his own funeral, laying in a casket as his friends and a bunch of lovely ladies toss roses on top of him, paying their respects to someone that means so much to them and millions of others.

It’s an undoubtedly unique perspective because another version of DC is also there to pay his respects, looking at himself with pain on his face as he joins the others by tossing a rose into the casket as well. It’s no surprise that this one is as amazing as it is because DC and his team never fail to provide fans with out-of-the-box music and visual accompaniments, so while we patiently wait for more details on the forthcoming project, this is one that DC the Don fans simply can’t miss.