All Eyes on Me – [EARTHGANG]

Atlanta’s talent pool is one that runs deep and plentiful, making it a music city that is simply never going to fall off or be forgotten about, but that makes me so excited to see how the new generations of artists will innovate and progress such a unique and distinctive sound. While there are some major names in the world of trap that can be listed off, other artists take an even more conscious and intricate approach to music creation, and one duo that is probably doing it better than anyone else out right now is EARTHGANG.

Although both emcees have gone by various monikers in the past, I know them best as Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, and both of these musicians are constantly pushing the limit on what we might’ve previously thought was the boundary of hip-hop. For just about a year, we have been learning more and more about their upcoming album Ghetto Gods, and every new release has me more excited than ever, so when I saw that they dropped a brand-new single called “All Eyes on Me”, I went straight to YouTube to listen and watch the cinematic Simon Chasalow and Hannah Hussain-directed music video.

The song itself boasts masterful production courtesy of Johnny, The Breed, and Jetsonmade who share a soothing, angelic melody that is eventually met with thumping 808s and chattering hats and claps that breathe some unbelievable life into this relaxing base. Johnny makes sure to get things started off right with an introspective flow that accelerates and energizes as the beat drops and the percussive elements come in.

After a spectacular verse and another hook from the tag team member, Doctur Dot comes in to match Johnny’s enthusiasm while diversifying his sound once again, sometimes chopping up his cadence while other moments display him getting a bit more tuneful with his delivery. Every single moment in this record is just a victory lap for both talents who share exactly how versatile they can be, and the music video is just a bonus when paired with this track, making “All Eyes on Me” an essential listen on this Friday that is full of incredible releases.