Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
23 May 2019

Some things in life just go together — it’s an innate thing. For example, peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, even knives and forks; Massachusetts artist Maka and the warm weather is a perfect example of one of these combinations. Whenever the sun comes out, the temperatures rise, and the days start to get a little longer, Maka unloads the slew of music that he’s been building up throughout the colder months, and the result is an unbelievable supply of music for listeners to feast on all throughout the spring and summer. Today, Maka is back to continue on this hot streak with one of my favorite songs of his to date, “All Day” featuring Connis.

Produced by Rolexdaytona, “All Day” is a perfect song for the summer due, in part, to the galvanizing swirl of infectious melodies that act its foundation. Washing over these melodies is a splash of eccentric drumlines, and the final, most essential touch here is the addition of the vocals, demonstrating an intensely entertaining performance from both Maka and Connis. Each of the two artists go back and forth in excitement, and throughout the entire duration of the song, fans receive a notably animated example of the reasons why Maka and Connis become two of Massachusetts most exciting artists in recent years.

With this in mind, per usual, Maka has delivered on his tendency to make fantastic summer music, but “All Day” kicks things up a notch with a well-executed collaborative tint. It’s always a great sight to see Massachusetts artists working together, and this song, in particular, hits the nail on the head in both sound and in its meaning for MA as a whole. Stream “All Day” below and leave this one on repeat all summer long!

Produced by Rolexdaytona