It is always refreshing to see artists collaborate and experiment with artists that live in their area – whether in the same city, county or state. The product of such experimentation can result in something truly great, such is the case with the latest collaborative release of HeyDeon and Coastal. The California native’s newest single, “Alive,” is a dance-teaming production that captures both artists at their best.

Capturing an electric, pulsating energy, HeyDeon and Coastal develop the perfect song for fans of music’s powerful abilities. Built atop a searing bed of electronic production, HeyDeon manipulates his voice into an angelic tone, gracefully skipping across the bubbling kick of Coastal’s sound bed. The Long Beach rapper proceeds to bolster the beautiful nature of music’s power to move us both internally and externally. Allowing his effortless charisma to ooze all over the record, HeyDeon’s ecstatic mentality leaves you uplifted and buoyant.

This is HeyDeon’s second single release within the past few months – a surprising amount of output for an artist who released a ten-track project in late July of this year. Listen to the new collaboration from HeyDeon and Coastal below.