Ahhhhh – [wifisfuneral]

Although other parts of the world are more widely renowned for being major destinations for hip-hop artists and rappers, I can confidently say that Florida is one state that has bred a completely different type of musician. So many underground legends have come from the southern mecca, and I would even go as far as to say that the underground movement that later turned into the “SoundCloud Rap” era began there and never really left. The different levels in Florida are insane, including household names like Denzel Curry, Rick Ross, and Kodak Black.

Then there are underground legends like the late XXXtentacion, Pouya, and wifisfuneral, SoundCloud era artists that have somewhat died down like Smokepurpp and Lil Pump, well-known yet still not quite mainstream emcees including $NOT, Cochise, and Ski Mask the Slump God, and the list could go on forever. What stands out the most to me is the fact that I could listen to almost any single one of these spitters and not only thoroughly enjoy myself, but be transported back to a different part of my life where they were some of the only people I was bumping.

Although some of these artists have careers that are thriving more than others, wifisfuneral is one person who is a certified icon, and that will never change. While we gear up for his upcoming project 4 Month Binge Before Revenge to drop later this year, he is back with a brand-new self-produced record entitled “Ahhhhh”, and it’s about as good as it gets from this tenured veteran. The melody is ominous, the percussive elements are vivacious, and the drums are pungent, setting a hard-hitting standard from the jump.

From the moment wifi goes in, you know that he is ready to show off just how skilled he has proven to be time and time again, rifling through rapid lines that seem to grow more intricate as the song goes on until he gets to a point where I know that even if I learned all of the lyrics word for word, I would never be able to actually keep up. There’s no telling how high wifisfuneral will soar by the time he calls it quits with music, but I sure hope that won’t be for quite some time, especially if he is able to keep dropping bangers like “Ahhhhh”.