AHHHHH – [Baby Scrap]

‘Punk Rap’ has been something that has seen a lot of mileage since the SoundCloud heyday and just about every artist signed to a major label has been approached by their A&R or someone else on their team about tapping into the punk, emo, screamo, or whatever the hell else heavy-metal leaning that could possibly be imagined, from making songs with Travis Barker to one rapper carrying brass knuckles and getting arrested in turn to promote his album, we’ve just about seen it all in terms of rappers trying to either identify with the aesthetic or angst that makes that genre so notable and beloved.

If you can’t already tell I think the punk-rap idea is a bit trite and played out, at least I thought that until HitKidd began his own sort of punk revival alongside Duke Deuce over the last twelve months and it feels right that in the city that birthed Horrorcore they should be able to resurrect punk in a not-so-corny fashion. HitKidd recently collaborated with young East Memphis artist Baby Scrap for his new video “AHHHHH” that continues to push the envelope as Memphis begins to pitch their iteration on a niche sound that has been approached from dozens and dozens of angles.

HitKidd’s beat is as slapping as ever and it lights a fire under Baby Scrap that leads him to definitely scream his bars more than usual, but his delivery is still measured and noticeably Memphis. Baby Scrap is unhinged and hell-bent on taking his shit on “AHHHHH” and with great bravado and clarity makes sure that his voice is heard and his opps and doubters take warning. Director Xklusive handled the shooting and editing of this visual and did a wonderful job creating an atmosphere chaotic and ominous enough to support the haywire nature of the song. I am looking forward to seeing where Baby Scrap goes from here and want to hear more from him on the punk-leaning side of things, as well as more of his standard sound.