Agony In Stardom, the brand new, 10-track mixtape from Liamette, is prefaced with the following:

With the wrapping up of my first album, I thought it necessary to upload these tracks to SoundCloud. This is a collection of tracks that I’ve made with my friends with no particular purpose in use, yet as I listen to them over the years (2016-18), I start to see connections and revelations in what I was saying. Ideally, the creation of these tracks was for self-healing, noting my experience, and raging in my room, but why be selfish? Why not let these tracks see the light of day? With that being said I present Agony in Stardom.

Upon reading this description and clicking play on the project’s first song, “AbUSE,” it instantly became easy to feel the effects of Liamette’s radiant energy. One song after another, the sheer creativity of this project speaks volumes to the Atlanta native’s love for the art of music, and furthermore, the friendly collaboration shown throughout exhibits the living, breathing soul of an incredibly exciting and ambitious new generation of ATL talents.

With that said, the most refreshing aspect of this project is its devotion toward expanding and testing its artistry by taking on numerous styles and directions. Moments like “AbUSE,” “Butterfly Kiss,” “Spy Kids,” and so much more remind us of the excitement behind the creative process, and Liamette’s malleable deliveries and confident energy continuously push these boundaries without ever losing sight of the project’s openly-creative core.

Needless to say, Agony In Stardom is an exhilarating listen full of raw potential, so don’t sleep on this one. Stream the latest from Liamette below and let us know what you think in the comments!