After School Club – [Monét Ngo]

“I’ve cried tears writing some of the words in this ep and some of these songs have quite literally changed my life. This EP is an accumulation of some of my most vulnerable human experiences and I’m happy to be sharing them with you. I’ve worked incredibly hard these past 2 years to get to this point where I’m comfortable releasing a body of music and I feel like my patience is paying off. I hope that these songs grow to mean as much to you as they mean to me ❤️” Monét Ngo 

Following three consecutive single releases, Vietnamese-American schoolteacher and artist Monét Ngo has officially welcomed us into the After School Club. Serving as his debut EP, the project contains eight unique tracks, with each possessing its own respective alt-rock éclat. Filled with voltaic guitars and rockstar production, Ngo’s vocal presence consistently takes command, just as he leads in the classroom. Underneath the heavy-hitting guitars and instrumentation are Monét’s heartfelt, vulnerable and introspective lyrics; many of which depict his real-life experiences. “Strawberry Fields,” for example, reflects on the once difficult living circumstances of Monét’s life, which he ironically now misses to a degree. The source of inspiration for “Ruby Sparks” stems from a dream of Ngo’s to which he materialized, whereas “Lonestar” reflects on a low period with little to no sense of direction. No song is devoid of meaning, and beautifully they all connect to create After School Club; a full-circle culmination of sorts leading up to Monét’s present day blessings. Join Monét Ngo’s After School Club by having a listen below!