Adventuras De Un Marijuano – [Cuadra M]

Latinx culture as a whole has been fascinating to me growing up in Tennessee where our state has seen a tremendous influx of immigrants from Central and South America who have collectively introduced us as a whole to the intricacies of their culture and exposing us to their unique creations. I have been lucky enough to get to hear more and more music in Spanish lately, from rappers flexing bilingual muscles for a few bars to music like that of Cuadra M, which although his latest video for “Adventuras De Un Marijuano” is littered with Runtz bags and directed by Memphis’ Mota Media who along with his fellow director Zack Hurth have cultivated a lot of the city’s most important rap videos over the last five years, this track is definitely not a rap song and sonically is definitely derivative of his own culture’s sound.

“Adventuras De Un Marijuano” actually has tallied up over a million views on its audio on YouTube since May 4th and is being met with a tremendous deal of support from the internet already still in the dawn of his career. The beat is powered by a pair of guitars that are able to create a massive atmosphere with vibrant melodic and percussive elements solely from these two instruments. Cuadra M’s singing is impassioned and the song is at the tempo of a ballad if you will and this openness allows for him to show off the full range and vibrato of his vocals. I don’t speak Spanish fluently unfortunately and while I don’t fully grasp the song’s lyrics I am really, really looking forward to hearing Cuadra M sing more and hope to see him develop his style into more and more of his own unique lane, but even just off of the strength of this video and song alone, I think it is safe to say that he has quite a bright future.