ADMIT IT – [Ski Mask the Slump God

Considering Ski Mask the Slump God decided to release a new mixtape after an almost 3-year hiatus on a day that both Tyler and Doja released albums, I feel like Sin City went way more under the radar than it should have. Even though it might not be the most lengthy or extensive piece of work in the world, it does an insane job of showing fans a few different sides of him, and his skills are only getting sharper over the years he has “taken off”, even though I feel like it was less of a break and more of a moment in time where he was making moves in the shadows without promoting them too much.

Despite the slight overshadowing he got from the aforementioned artists’ projects, Sin City is a mixtape that Ski fans are absolutely eating up, and they won’t let it go unnoticed. In order to keep the momentum going, I was beyond stoked to see that he teamed up with Rock and Egg who directed the newest music video for his song “ADMIT IT”. Although I’m not very familiar with the actual Sin City movie or comics, I can only imagine that this under-saturated, almost black and white with a splash of color-looking music video was inspired by the popular franchise.

Opening up, Ski is getting the crap beaten out of him by a group of rough-looking characters before the boss finally comes and shoots him square in the forehead. After being dumped in a pile of garbage, Ski’s lifeless body begins to twitch and come alive once again. This sends him to a phone booth where he calls DJ Scheme and a few others to help him seek his revenge, starting at an apartment where countless illegal activities are taking place.

When he shows up, various violent acts take place such as a massive shot through the door, them cutting the tongue out of one of his wrongdoers, and splatters of blood painting the wall during a scene that won’t be quickly forgotten about. Later on, Ski heads to a strip club to enjoy himself but gets right to business after the night is over. When heading out the back entrance, he pulls up next to a cop before scheme shows off an empty can of gasoline, prompting Ski to throw a Molotov cocktail at the car and set it on fire, finishing off the second of three victims.

When the video ends, it shows a to be continued message, so I can only imagine that this incredible theme is going to be carried over into more music videos moving forward. This excites me because even though I’m not familiar with the backstory of Sin City, I love the storyline that is told in this video and Ski does a remarkable job bringing it to life. While I could go on for days ranting and raving about how awesome both this video and the mixtape itself are, I’ll let you read my other article here where I go into more details regarding Sin City: The Mixtape itself. As for the “ADMIT IT” video, you’re not going to want to miss out on this one, so make sure you tune in as soon as you’ve finished reading this sentence.