Action Baby – [Action Pack] x [NeekoBaby]

In the midst of Memphis becoming arguably the biggest rap city on the planet right now, several artists have been excluded from receiving the national attention and mainstream flowers that others have gotten and unfortunately several of the rappers who helped heat the Memphis underground up over the past few years are still searching for their breakthrough moment, and someone who has been right on the verge of this for two years now is Action Pack who has continually released a prolific amount of music and coupled it with many videos and without question is the owner of several regional hits at this point. He is looking poised to take over now and just dropped probably my second favorite track ever from him titled “Action Baby”, only behind the Pooh Shiesty assisted “Steppin‘” that dropped last year, but instead of going the melodic route as he did on the song with Shiesty, he instead has pulled yet another flow out of his hat and skated all over the NeekoBaby production. Action Pack’s charisma is undeniable and he certainly has a fairly tight grip on his hometown and is truly only one song away from really taking his career to the next level.