ABCDEFUCKOFF – [thelilfairy]

Rising Brooklyn rapper TheLilFairy graces the Lyrical Lemonade pages for the first time with her new video and song entitled “ABCDEFUCKOFF.” The psychedelic video features TheLilFairy rapping to the camera as she effortlessly shows off her drip. The first shot shows her playing with a doll before she goes in saying “balling too hard, look at my drip.” In the video, TheLilFairy’s smoking fat blunts and sipping on lean as the camera pans over her multiples outfits. In addition to flexing her fit, She lets us know that she’s “counting money, and got a lot on her wrist.” As the record progresses TheLilFairy switches up her flow as she raps “riding real dirty all over the city, you can run up, but you gon’ get 50” letting everyone know not to mess with her. In a way, she reminds me of a darker version of Cori Ley on this record and she also has a different look and aesthetic that will seem to set her apart from her other women rap counterparts.

Watch the visuals for TheLilFairy’s “ABCDEFUCKOFF” below.