A1 – [First Class Bee]

Today we have an artist out of Chicago that goes by First Class Bee who is making his second appearance on Lyrical Lemonade with his brand new music video for “A1”. I first got put onto First Class Bee when the homie Berto suggested that I checked out some of his content, and it couldn’t have been more perfect timing, but literally the next day he dropped this new release. First Class Bee is one of those emcees who you can tell was inspired by the lyrical rappers of the world, and he is a super nice spitter himself, it’s the time of music that you just can’t help but nod to as he rhymes circles around his competition. I don’t know too much about First Class Bee, but I do know that I will be posting him more on our website in the future, so go ahead + get used to him by pressing play below!