A Real Conversation with chase plato

One of my favorite artists to step on the scene this year has been none other than Detroit native, chase plato. I caught wind of this up and comer through my relationship with the Assemble Sound crew and was truly blown away by the contagious energy that was present in his music. After hearing songs like, “ICE CREAM MAN” and “STRANGER THAN FICTION”, I knew it was only right to dig deeper into the story of chase plato, which is why we’re here today. If you have no idea who chase is, before you bump his tracks, spend the next few minutes reading this real conversation with the promising talent. Enjoy!

Sam: Chase, How is life treating you right now? How’s your mental?

Chase: Horrible. I’m traumatized. It’s very hard to spend time by myself. I’m afraid to watch movies or listen to music because I’m scared it will trigger me. I was told that this is the worst before the best time of my life.

Sam: Where are you from? What was that area like for you growing up?

Chase: I’m from Detroit. I spent a lot of time in the suburbs and a lot of time in the city. Super dark stuff happens in both, it’s just a different type of dark. Growing up in my small town wasn’t the worst but i’ve definitely been called a nigger and i’ve definitely been refused a ride because my friends parents were racist. 

Sam: How did you get into music? Did your environment have anything to do with you wanting to pursue music? Was your family musical at all? 

Chase: When I was a kid I would always think “How hard is it to become Iron man with that career ?” I have wanted to be everything from an animator to an astronaut. Ultimately, I have decided that making music was the fastest way to become iron man. This is the most efficient way for me to save my money to build a bodysuit and fly around the world fighting crime. 

Sam: When was the moment you decided that you wanted to pursue music as a passion/career?

Chase: I still haven’t decided. I’m not married to this career path. I could quit any day and go work at the car plant. At least then I’d have a steady income.

Sam: When was the moment you realized that you actually could? Was there a little win that made you realize that it could all work out?

Chase: I have always known I could do anything. When I was in the 7th grade I told my dad I didn’t want to go to college. I explained to him that Casey Neistat, one of my favorite filmmakers, didn’t go to college. He told me that I am not Casey Neistat. I know he just wanted the best for me but I always knew there was no difference between me and any other successful person. The world is made by people who are no smarter than you .

Sam: Tell us about the music you have out right now. What was the inspiration behind songs like ICE CREAM MAN, RIP KOBE AND STRANGER THAN FICTION?

Chase: I’ve been told I wear my inspirations on my sleeve. I think it’s easy to tell what inspires me. If you know then you know. This way there is a real connection between us. 

Sam: What are you working on right now?

Chase: I’m finishing my album. It’s killing me. I’m always sleeping in the studio. I’m trying to show everyone the type of time I’m on. I’m 19 , I’m self produced, I direct my own videos . I’m really a servant to the art. I am doing more than the artists I look up to. 

Sam: What are you excited for? What are some goals you have for this year?

Chase: I feel like I’m finally at the bottom of the top. It took forever to get here. I just want to finish the mission and make my younger self happy. I wanna play Camp Flog Gnaw, Iwanna sellout the roxy, I wanna win a grammy. i’m just getting started. 

Sam: When people hear your music, how do you want them to feel?

Chase: I want them to feel like a traumatized black teen in a coming of age movie animated by Studio Ghibli . Jaden Smith does the english dub of my character and it has a 95% on rotten tomatoes. 

Sam: Who are some of your biggest personal / musical inspirations?

Chase: My biggest inspirations are Spiderman, Laura Les and Finn from Adventure time.