A Lot To Lose – [24KGoldn]

Between a budding music career, attending USC, and apparently some international travel, 24KGoldn has a lot going on, and his latest offering, “A Lot To Lose,” suggests just this.

With “Valentino” still in heavy rotation, Goldn showcases a different side on this one. Where the former was upbeat and full of braggadocio, “A Lot To Lose” has a more emotionally-charged direction. As the West Coast native wanders the streets of Tokyo (made even more colorful by some slick editing), he reflects on the struggle of maintaining a relationship with so much going personally and professionally, and while the song is filled with emotion, Goldn does a great job of not overdoing, remaining in his sweet spot all the way throughout. Whether on an upbeat banger like “Valentino” or showcasing his softer side here, it’s clear 24KGoldn has a great feel for the track and it lets his natural energy shine through.

That said, be sure to check out “A Lot To Lose” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Prod. Jaasu & Omer Fedi