Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
29 Sep 2019

Consistency is key. Too often, we see albums with 3 or 4 clear radio singles and then, what seems like filler in between. Cohesivity almost feels like a lost art in this way, especially when the window for catching new fans is so soon after the release of a project. Every artist wants a hit and every artist wants to run up the streams by all means possible, but this can come at the cost of lasting music. Harlem native Lunchbox — immortalized for creating the sounds around Sheck Wes’ Mudboy — is here to transcend such, releasing a blue-chip project with his newest, A Dark Night in Gotham.

On a surface level, represented by the haunting title and some of the most vivid, eye-catching artwork I’ve seen in a long time, Lunchbox’s latest wears its heart on its sleeve. Harlem’s own isn’t hiding anything from anybody, and the project relays the message, delivering muddy, hypnotic records, one after the next, with machine-like consistency. Accordingly so, A Dark Night in Gotham takes on a unique drive to maintain the attention of listeners, introducing an entire underworld of braggadocious, sometimes paranoid, and ever-progressing rhymes. The result is a creeping sense of atmosphere that leaves audiences directly in the heat of it, standing right beside Lunchbox as his supervillain-esque character begins to seep into the walls of the surrounding Gotham.

With this, A Dark Night in Gotham looks, feels, and sounds as though it takes place deep into the wee hours of the night, disguised by the darkness yet lively and exciting in its own right. The production — handled by 16yrold, AR, Baldy, and Lunchbox, himself, among others — brings the project to unmatched heights, while Lunchbox’s slew of alluring cadences and matter-of-fact rhymes mark him as a rapper of eccentric and notable talent, adding to his well-documented prowess behind the boards.

Keeping this in mind, Harlem’s own can do it all, and A Dark Night in Gotham is his chance to do such. Look into the world of Lunchbox and stream the new project below!

Early Favorites: “Gotta Stop”, “Cereal Milk”, “Bruce Wayne”