Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison
20 Feb 2020

Authenticity often gets lost in the constant shuffle of society, so whenever you stumble upon someone who still maintains that aspect of their character, it’s always refreshing. Today, on the pages of Lyrical Lemonade, I’m excited to bring to y’all an artist who embodies authenticity. If you haven’t heard of Julian Lamadrid, then today is your lucky day. After hearing his latest release for a song entitled, “Cigarette”, I hopped on the phone with him to get some insight about the song, but left all the more enamored with his overall story as an artist.

When I asked him the simple question “Where are you from?” Julian laughed and proceeded to tell me that this specific part of his life is confusing yet interesting to say the least. Julian’s parents are from Mexico, but he was born in Dubai and went to British schools his entire life. The melting pot of culture that Julian has been a part of is most definitely prevalent in his music; which was always an interest of his.

“I was always interested in music from a young age. In my mind, there was nothing more stylish than being a rock star. Growing up, I idolized people like Bowie and Morrissey, but since there was really no musical structure in Dubai, I was stuck.”

Once he realized that, Julian came straight to New York and never looked back. Not only is he a great musician, but a scholar as well. He explained to me on the phone that he attended NYU and graduated from there in 3 years; a very respectable accomplishment. As he was trying to navigate school and the city of New York, things started taking shape for Julian on the music end. Certain people began noticing his music as he started playing tiny shows here and there. He then went on to explain:

“Yeah once I realized that people were beginning to like my music, I decided to make an EP in order to really figure out my sound. I was broke, though. I remember spending so much money on the songs and studio session, which led me to a stalemate. After feeling really disheartened, I had a heart to heart with myself and redefined what music meant to me. I realized that music for me is a vehicle for self-exploration and realization…Nothing else. I love talking about so many things. One thing I wanted to say that I did before it was all over was to make an album.”

From that moment, Julian saved about every penny he has and made his first album. A friend of his named, Shav (founder of Indify/also known as prettyboyshav) ended up stumbling upon the album and sent it to a bunch of A&R’s and within minutes of that, word began to spread like wildfire. Julian took some meetings with different labels, but ultimately decided to sign with Arista Records after meeting David Massey, who he feels like is one of the last true rock and rollers left. The rest was history…

Julian’s discovery is nothing shy of spectacular. I asked the rising artist what’s next for him and he said:

“For the first time, I’m interested in releasing music in a non-strict fashion. I’m excited to release songs about how I’m feeling in the moment. Cigarette is the first song where I did that and eventually, it’ll lead to an album. I’m at a point where I’m young, I have the confidence to say what I want and say what I feel. It’s the beginning of everything for me.”

Julian is a true talent and I’m so excited for his future. If you want to check out some of his music, I’ve attached the Spotify link down below to “Cigarette”. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.