A Conversation with Cybertrash

Sam: So I found your first track “West” a long time ago, what year was that? Was that 2020?

Cybertrash: That was 2021…It feels like forever ago doesn’t it?

Sam: Man, time moves by so quickly! But speaking of time, let’s not waste any of it. Let’s dive in…How are you? How’s music going for you? Where’s your head at? 

Cybertrash: I’m amazing. If you would’ve asked me that a few months ago, that answer probably would’ve been way different. I have such a rocky relationship with music, but it’s been amazing recently and it’s not even because of the accolades, but it’s more so the people I’ve been meeting. I’ve been making a lot of friends in the space. I’m making the music that I’ve always wanted to make.

Sam: I love that. Let’s dive back into the past if you’re down. What was your upbringing like and how did you get into music in the first place? 

Cybertrash: As a kid I spent a lot of time on the internet. My brother was into the internet, so we would play games and when you give a child unrestricted internet access, there’s no telling what will happen. But that’s the case with every artist in my scene…That’s how each of them pretty much got into it, through the internet. As a kid though, yeah, I hung out with my older brother and we shared a lot of the same music taste. He really developed my music taste at an early age and it still reflects in my music now. 

Sam: What was some stuff your brother put you onto?

Cybertrash: I remember one Christmas, we got MP3 players and I didn’t know how to load music onto it and he was really into metal and he was also into pop music…like mainstream pop music…Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, people like that. I remember 808’s & Heartbreaks was on there. I would say Lady Gaga and Kanye more than anything…I would listen to their stuff on repeat. Just the most popular stuff on the radio, I ate that shit up.

Sam: When did you realize that you had musical talent?

Cybertrash: I always loved music bro. My first dream was to be a Pop Star or a Rock Star and I remember I got my first guitar when I was like 6 or 7… I didn’t know how to play it, so my parents put me in lessons. I was always singing though. I don’t think I ever believed I could sing but, I just loved it. I remember being in the 4th grade and I did a talent show and the entire grade was there. I was told that I did good, but I’m not entirely sure how trustworthy the memory of a 4th grader was. I remember I wore a fedora, so that might be an indication of how that shit went. I sang “Breakeven”.

Sam: By the Script???

Cybertrash: Yes, Man, I remember vividly auditioning for it and then them telling me I could do it and being so excited. Not even being nervous though. It was just a great feeling. That was the first time it clicked for me and I think it reflects in the way I perform now, because I love performing. 

Sam: When was the moment you decided that you wanted to pursue this?

Cybertrash: I think it must’ve been in Middle School… Maybe like 7th grade or so. I remember my brother was going to church a lot and he had a church friend named Justin who gave me my first microphone. I would just find beats on YouTube when I was 12 and I was recording into my phone and sending them to my phone and editing them in a video editing software. That was when it clicked for me. The music I was making was terrible but I realized that I could actually make songs and share these things.

Sam: Has your name always been Cybertrash?

Cybertrash: It hasn’t always been Cybertrash, but I believe it’s the only name that I’ve released music under…

Sam: Fire, what was the first song you released under Cybertrash?

Cybertrash: Ah man, its on Soundcloud somewhere. Nobody will ever find it though. It’s a really bad song. I was rapping about my girlfriend at the time…

Sam: That’s a great Segway…What inspires you in your music?

Cybertrash: When I’m in the process of making music its never a conscious process; It just happens….But, I also get really excited and inspired by other music as well and melodies I hear. I’m also just a big fan of saying cool stuff. Does that make sense? Just stuff that moves you…I love it so much. 

Sam: What are some goals that you have? When it’s all said and done, what are some goals you want to achieve when it comes to music?

Cybertrash: There are multiple parts to this question. The money aspect of course, then the art. Obviously I want to take care of the people I love. I want to put all of my friends in a house and pay my moms house off. But on the other hand, we’re all going to die one day and I can’t take my money with me, but something I can leave behind is who I am as a person and I want to be able to make art that will be here long after I’m gone. I just want to make insane music and continue to get better. That’s it, I want to make the craziest music possible.