A Conversation with Cian Ducrot

Up and coming artist, Cian Ducrot was one of quarantines greatest surprises and just last week, I had the chance to sit down with the stellar talent who has quickly become one of the industry’s brightest spots. After inking a deal with The Darkroom / Interscope, the Ireland born artist has his eyes set on stardom and it is nothing less than achievable! Take some time out of your day to check out the conversation we had last week and learn more about what makes him so special!

Sam: I’m a huge fan of what you’re doing, so I’d love to have a conversation about your life and how music fits into it; So tell me about how your upbringing introduced you to music.

Cian: Yeah, so I was raised by a single mom and grew up with my brother. Music kind of just strayed into my life because both of my parents were professional classical musicians in fact; so I was born into music and I fell in love with. I can’t remember not being absolutely in love with music. I would just sit under my mom’s piano and we would sit there all day and all night. I just remember the feeling it gave me once like nothing else I ever felt. I was like 3 or 4 years old when I first started playing instruments. I was a part of musical theatre, dancing, singing, playing in bands with my brother, whether it was rock or metal. It was just everywhere. There was not one moment in my day when I wasn’t involved in music. The only other thing I did in my life was skateboarding, but music was really everything that I was doing. I was writing songs, or studying classical music, I was always doing it, because it was also the thing that brought my family together and helped us through a lot of the hardest times.

Sam: When was the moment you decided you wanted to do music as a career?

Cian: I think I always knew that I wanted to do it to make a living because of the fact that my mom was so successful at it and it was her career; so I think since I was born into it, it was a normal thing. I think as I began doing it, I just knew that I was going to do it for the rest of my life. There were other passions along the way though as well: I really loved acting so much. I’m still so passionate about it. That was something that I really wanted to pursue as well, but music was the thing that was most at the forefront and I would push anything aside to pursue it.

Sam: Who were some of your musical inspirations?

Cian: Yeah, growing up, I would listen to AC/DC, Guns N Roses and people like that. I loved playing in bands, so at the time I was into that stuff. But it wasn’t until I heard artists like Eminem or Michael Jackson that I really heard pop music that sounded really great and couldn’t get from classical music or rock records. I just fell in love with the catchiness and the way it made me feel and the impact of the music. Those were my two initial inspirations and then Ed Sheeran was a huge part of me growing up. I remember that his music was the first thing  I learned on guitar. His writing was also a huge inspiration and I just told myself that I wanted to be as good as him. I was like 12 or 13 at the time. He was a big standard that I compared myself to. Everything I did, I would ask myself, is it as good as this? As I got older, I discovered Lauv when I was like 17 and I got inspired by this kid who was producing his own music and thats when I first started producing. And I got my hands on to my first macbook and I just started copying Lauv, because I was like if this kid is producing his own music, I have to be this good if I wanted to do it on my own. I think a lot of it was learning how to get my standard up and a lot of comparison which was healthy in a way, so I could progress. I knew what standard I needed to hit. I would keep going back to the music that I loved, like Coldplay and Elton John and just feeling like, no my songs are not as good as this. Obviously at the time, I didn’t realize that these guys were working with massive songwriters, because I was putting so much pressure on myself to be as good as them, which I’m glad that I did because I really learned so much. There was so much inspiration and just a high level that I was holding myself to.

Sam: What was it like signing with the Darkroom?

Cian: Yeah, I think I had just dropped out of college. I was pursuing a quick classical study in music. I had a whole scholarship to the royal academy of music in London but I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I knew I needed to dive head first in to pop music if I wanted a deal and wanted to get to LA and tour. A dream of mine has been to always be a touring artists. At the time I had no money, no job, I had to move back to home to Ireland and I started couch surfing around and  I was so broke, the only money I was getting was from producing for people but obviously I wasn’t charging a lot and I was also making some music from Spotify streams; just enough to survive but not enough to pay rent. But yeah, I took a trip to LA, knew nobody and didn’t have any connections. I was just literally there making friends and meeting people. Then I came back here and I was working so hard for so long and it started to pay off finally. The music was getting to a point where it was actually turning heads and and I was growing a fan based on social media and more than 80% of my songs were 100% written and produced by me and it attracted the attention of labels and publishers. It all happened so fast. I went from zero to half a million followers. It was hard because it was right in the heat of lockdown and I had to take these meetings on zoom and I had to trust my gut. Its funny because I always told myself, I wouldn’t be cool enough to sign to Interscope, not to mention darkroom. I feel like Billie Eilish is really cool and Im not that cool. But it was a no brainer the moment I talked to Darkroom and Interscope. Just seeing how excited Justin Lubliner was and Emmett Power and John Janick and Sam Riback. It was just a no brainer and I just had the gut feeling with Darkroom. Then it just happened really fast and I felt like I was winning the lottery of life. It still doesn’t feel real, but I’m just so so grateful that I have a job. My life changed in the most amazing way. I’ve just been so lucky and so grateful.

Sam: Last question, whats next for you? what are you excited it about?

Cian: I just want to make really great music and share it with people who love it and appreciate it. I want to tour and tour and tour and hopefully play arenas and stadiums one day and become the biggest artist in the world. Just to share great music and stay authentic and remind myself of who I want to be every day and change peoples lives for the better and change the world in the process.