A Conversation with Chloe Angelides about her new album: Friends Who Failed At Love

There are some spectacular artists in this music industry, and for the remainder of my time working in it, I am determined to shine a light on the diamonds and gems who deserve the love. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and this artist who I get to feature today is a product of a chance encounter that I will always be grateful for. It’s one thing to connect with someone on a few levels, but it’s another thing entirely to connect on all levels. That’s what it felt like when I met Chloe Angelides one night in LA. We instantly struck a conversation about music and life and ultimately found out that we grew up 30 minutes away from each other in Virginia. Our chat quickly continued into the night and I left utterly impressed at her character and innate passion for music. Not only is Chloe a gem of a human, but she’s truly an amazing artist/songwriter who has written with and for some of the biggest names in music. Today though, she’s not making it on to our page just for credits; she’s appearing on Lyrical Lemonade for the release of her brand new album; a project that was years in the making. I had the chance to catch up with this amazing talent last week and I’m super excited for ya’ll to read this conversation with Chloe Angelides.

Sam: So this is the album. Take me back to what started the idea and thought of the album?

Chloe: The album started at the beginning of a break up then it stopped once I got back together with that person, then I revisited the songs when we broke up again.

Sam: so you guys broke up and got back together once?

Chloe: Yeah, while I was making the album…for about a year. And in that year, I was working on some other songs; So I basically took almost a year long break from the album and then when I came back, it was like go-time. And in between that, there were moments where I was like, “I Can’t put this out..this is too much, this isn’t good, this is good, I relate to this, I don’t relate to this.” It was a whole back and forth of putting it down and picking it back up. So releasing this is just kind of cathartic. This is very important for my brain to just have this out and close this chapter creatively, sonically and personally. All levels of it is just like turning the page.

Sam: So this project was a way in which you were coping with the circumstances of the relationship?

Chloe: mhm. And you can hear it in the music as far as what I’m struggling with. I think it taps into every single feeling outside of heartbreak too. “Down Daddy” is just a feel good, sex, dominatrix song and “Friends Who Failed At Love” is nostalgic and about looking back and being grateful for what happened and “Goodbye” relates to anything. I played it for some friends who knew people who have died and it reminds them of saying goodbye to them and hearing that perspective helped me realize that people take things and make it their own outside of my own heartbreak.

Sam : How did it feel diving back into it and touching on it at different times of your life?

Chloe: I did touch on it during the relationship as well, so saying I completely took a break from it is not that accurate, but getting back into it and finishing it up towards the end, it was some shit that I knew I had to do. I just had to finish it up. And eventually, I made a track listing of it with my girlfriends when we were doing a cross country trip. We would listen to it and see how it felt and once we got it to a place where it felt good, I was like hold on to this feeling because it’s not gonna last and you’re going to hate it again. So towards the last few months, I was trying to hold on for so long to the feeling of loving it and I still love it. Just seeing it through is a big part of this album. Just seeing through the creative process and not judging your art. Just letting it be; And tonight, it’s no longer mine. It’s going to be other peoples. And thats something I’ve learned as a creative. You just have to see through the shit.

Sam: So would you say that you’ve grown as a person and as an artist during this whole process?

Chloe: Yeah…Yeah…Yeah…I can definitely hear my growth and I can hear the influences and the phases where I was influenced by James Blake and Tame Impala. “Blind To The Blonde”, I was influenced by the internet and you can just hear the influences for certain songs. “Stop The Clock”, I was listening to Clairo a lot during making that.

Sam: How do you want people to feel when they hear this project for the first time?

Chloe: I don’t want to sound basic, but I want people to feel understood and that their feelings have a safe place when they tap into it. I want to be that place for that specific feeling. I hope I tap into different feelings for this, but its specific for sure and I hope people that relate to it and know that this is a world that exists that is all about healing and standing up and getting to the other side. Whatever the struggle is; It’s not just heart break. You can hear that theres struggle with substance abuse. You can hear that. You can hear self confidence. Letting go in general of anything, overthinking, depression, hating your thoughts. This a world where its okay to feel this why and I just want them to know that its fine. And the end closes with just appreciating everything; the good the bad, the highs and the lows. I just really want this album to be a world where people can escape to and just feel safe.

Sam: If you could pick one song that is your favorite to make and your favorite to listen to, which one would that be?

Chloe: It’s “Different”…The song “Different”.

Sam: And why is that?

Chloe: It’s just the one out of all of them that I’ve worked on over the course of 3 years. That one sonically sounded different. It’s not even like I conceptually had to leave it; I just sonically didn’t know what to do with it. That song has so many different lives. It’s a piano ballad now, but it was on electric guitar at a point, it had a different chorus and concept, but there were always these little pieces where I was like, this needs to stay, this needs to stay. And seeing that song through and writing the other other parts and sonically getting it together and adding more and more and adding the gospel choir and now adding this and that and changing that lyric. And now, it’s so cool to have it out and I love it. I can still enjoy it. It’s just a power ballad. Every female and every person wants to know that they’re different and its badass. The lyrics just make me feel strong….Actually, fuck, “Crickets” is another one.

Sam: Okay, let’s go number one and number two then.

Chloe: Yeah, “Crickets” because  produced it. When I came back to the album after the final break up, I was like mute. I didn’t know how to speak to people and I was isolating myself because I was so depressed and I moved to a new area in LA that I had never lived in and I was making a new life and new memories and I was intentionally isolating myself because I was in a bad place mentally. So for 8 months, I produced “Crickets” and  I took my time with it and I think you can really feel how I was feeling through the production and sonics. And the person who helped me finish it up is one of my dream producers, Tim Anderson, who did all of BANKS, who is my favorite artist…she’s incredible and he’s incredible and he heard it and he was like I wanna finish this, so I have another project coming gout in the fall that I did with Tim. But, “Crickets” reintroduced me back to Tim and it helped me get through such a hard time. Thats my baby. I think “Crickets” before “Different”.

Sam: I love that…So after this, whats next for Chloe?

Chloe: I have the other project with Tim that I’m really really excited about. You can hear the growth sonically and with my life personally. I’m not talking about the same things and you can hear the next phase of my life. I’m really excited about one. I’m also to just keep working with other artists and write songs with other artists. I’m already scheduling sessions. I can really appreciate this process more now that I took the time to put the album out, because I love making music and I want to make music with artists who inspire me. So I think whats really cool about this process is that it reminded me that I can do both.

Chloe’s new album, “Friends Who Failed At Love” is available everywhere. Make sure you take time our of your day to listen in as it is truly one of the best albums I’ve heard all year long!