A Conversation with Berel

Berel is an artist who I’ve been eyeing for some time now. Ever since getting introduced to his music, I have been extremely enamored by his style and story-telling capability. Just last week, the up and coming artist released a song called, “Cloud” that is most definitely worth a listen. I got a chance to speak with Berel about his music and upbringing which will give some amazing insight to why he should be someone to look out for! Continue reading to get a look into the conversation I had with Berel:

Sam: Take me to the beginning! Where are you from and how did you first get your start in music? Was there a moment or person that influenced you to begin making music?

Berel: I’m just a kid from northern California, the place I grew up in was tiny! We had a post office and a general store and that was it. I guess ’cause we literally only had one TV channel that worked, I turned to music to pass the time. Looking back, my biggest influences of that time were Marvin Gaye and the Beatles.

Sam: Who are some of your musical Idols/Who did you grow up listening to? There are always those certain artists that we see ourselves in or want to emulate…Do you have someone like that for you?

Berel: Definitely Marvin Gaye is at the top of my list, like his song “Let’s Get It On” is such a masterpiece! I would say no, I don’t really aspire to be like any one artist in particular. I look up to songwriters and artists who are real nice with the pen. Deep down I’m a combination of lots of different influences and I’m cool with that. I don’t need to try to sound like anyone other than myself.

Sam: When was the moment you realized that you wanted to do this music stuff forreal? Has this always been the goal/dream of yours?

Berel: I love being the center of attention, but the flip side of this life is all the hard work in the studio, long hours, and lots of moments that humble me, in a good way. I didn’t fully realize all of this when I decided I wanted to be an artist. It’s cool tho, because I’ve seen how much sweat equity goes into creating a career, and I’m here for it.

Sam: How would you describe your music? Is there a certain way you want your listeners to feel when they peep your music?

Berel: I want to hold my audience’s attention for long enough to let them feel something different, whether that brings joy or sorrow or anything in between. My music’s cooled-out and soulful in nature, likened to the sound of gracious romance, the sound of rain on the windowsill, and something that can calm you down at times when your senses are overloaded.

Sam: What’s your creative process like? When you want to start making a song, what’s the first thing you do to get going?

Berel: When I’m writing I allow myself freedom to not be caught up in the outcome. Sometimes me and Aabo make beats (Aabo is my executive producer, manager, and great close friend). Sometimes I link with writers, other times it’s just me in my room with a guitar. I gotta do music everyday, period.

Sam: What’s one of your favorite tracks that you’ve created?

Berel: The Blue Line has opened some doors for me and I feel great about that song. I also really love Verdict. Lyrically it’s unlike any other song I’ve written. Aabo and I went to a different headspace with the lyrics and production.

Sam: Are there any big goals that you want to achieve in music? Some people want to make it on Billboard and some people want to win a Grammy. What do you want to achieve when it’s all said and done?

Berel: I definitely want to see my music in films, that’s a big goal. Any music supervisors reading this, get at me! I want to make music that stands the test of time and alters people’s emotions for generations to come.

Sam: What do you have coming on the way?/What are you most excited about in your career?

Berel: Just dropped Cloud, my latest single with Majestic Casual Records and that’s got me hyped! Excited to share more before music before the year is over and build with my team. Shouts out Aabo, Mars Today, Bijou, Sergio, Siya, Saru, and Mark Peaced. Love ya’ll, over and out.

As you can see from our conversation, Berel is a very smart and inquisitive individual who knows exactly what he wants out of his career with the undeniable talent to get him there as well. I was impressed with this rising star and I can’t wait to see all of the amazing tings he accomplishes! I’ve attached his latest single down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think!