A Conversation with Bensbeendead.

For the release of his brand new project, I got the chance to sit down with up and coming artist, Bensbeendead. to talk about life music and his newest body of work called, “GARDENING”. The carefully crafted album is full of emotion and intention which is why it’s a must listen. At this moment, sit back, relax and enjoy this conversation with Bensbeendead. I pray this collection of questions and answers blesses you the way it blessed me. 

Sam: I would love to hear about you and who you are…where you’re from and a little background about how the name came about and all of that.

Ben: I started making music probably right after I graduated HS. I never really had an interest in it growing up. My sister was always a singer growing up so it was always around me. She would do like vocal lessons and writing work a lot, but it never really interested me; I was always playing sports. I wasn’t really good at them but I was always into them. And then one day, a couple of my friends started messing around with logic to make beats for eachotherand they’d send me beats and ask me my opinion; so I started out rapping at first. I don’t even know what my style was. My friends said I sounded like a white Snoop Dog. I’m not even sure if you can picture that really, but the rap thing just felt a little bit inauthentic for me. After a while, I started putting out stuff that I just wasn’t really proud of. I was doing this all under my real name, Ben Thompson. I did that for a few years up until 2017. In 2017, I actually put out a project that was finally leaning more towards a style that is similar to what I’m doing now. So thats when I started shifting into the Bensbeendead project. 

Sam: And how about the name? How’d that start?

Ben: Its weird because I don’t feel like my music is any more emo than anyone else. I just really like how the words sounded together. I would sit down and write it down on paper and it just looked great so I ended up going with that.

Sam: Fire. You kind of touched on this a little bit, but who were some of the artists that you tried to emulate and grab inspiration from?

Ben: Growing up, my parents used to love Lucinda Williams and then there was a blend of hip hop stuff like Outkast, so I grew up listening to this blend of different genres. I also really got into Childish Gambino back in the day. That was big for me as far as inspiration. Especially being able to rap and sing was just a huge motivation. Yeah, those are my biggest inspirations musically.

Sam: And as far as collabs, who are some artists that you’ve just enjoyed working with?

Ben: Yeah one would be a guy named Dave Gutter who is the lead singer of a band named Rustic Overtones. They’re an older band but they’re from Portland but back in the day, they were huge and worked with David Bowie and people like that. So he and I have been working together on a lot of stuff and he’s been super inspiring. He’s probably one of the best songwriters I’ve ever worked with. And obviously, when I worked with Mina on this project, she was just one of the most mind-blowing people to work with over the internet, because she could just picture what the song needed or what I wanted without me even explaining it well.. I gave her pointers and told her what she could do, but she just ended up sending me perfect vocal stems for the song. So yeah, I think Mina is another person I was just blown away by.

Sam: Who are some artists who you’d want to collab with?

Ben: I mean if Childish doesn’t retire that would be so dope. Blackbear as well would be such a blessing to work with. But honestly, I would love to just work with anyone and everybody who is talented. 

Sam: Amazing. And man, you just dropped a project, so tell me a little more about that!

Ben: Yeah, so a lot of it started in the beginning of Covid Quarantine and I just got inspired by how much plants can have meaning. In the same way you tend to a garden is such a parallel between self care and how you would tend to yourself. So, I was doing a lot of research as far as universal things related to tending to a garden and we found out they were all relatable to taking care of yourself as a human, so that was kind of cool to me. So I started building 5 of the songs at the beginning of quarantine, so I think thats how it came about. I got really inspired by outdoors.

Sam: How do you want fans to receive this? Is this meant to be an aid for many?

Ben: I really want it to be something you experience by yourself in a solitary moment. It’s a project that has to be heard in one sitting. It’s very therapeutic for me. I just hope people will listen to it, take a moment for themselves and just consume the whole entire thing as one rather than in temporary parts.

If you want to check out this brand new offering that is just as stellar as this interview was, make sure to check out the link down below and give the full project a listen. You’ll want to experience this one for yourself! Enjoy!