A Ballad Of Self Worth – [Yurms] x [Dandecat]

There exists a certain quality to artists that can seamlessly blend forward-thinking sounds and styles from a purely musical standpoint with ones that are just as progressive from a visual standpoint as well. To achieve both lofty goals in one fell swoop is something of a daunting task, and one that only exists today within the most promising and untouchable talents without question. 

To say that rising popstar Yurms fits this mold to an absolutely perfect degree would be selling their artistry short by a longshot, and this fact was solidified in full with their latest single and accompanying video for “A Ballad Of Self Worth.” Both the song and the video that surrounds it are undeniably rich in quality and nuance alike, and they are both such vivid reasons as to why this unmistakable prodigy is at the fringe of superstardom at this very moment. 

The song itself is unlike anything else among the scene that Yurms finds themselves at the forefront of whatsoever. Delto joins them on production to come through with a blasting and raucous instrumental that saturates itself in the worlds of emo and pop-punk all the same. Yurms soars over the incredibly dense production and gripping guitar riffs with all the grace in the world, using their high-pitched and emotionally-distinct vocals to ideally match the beat’s tone and approach all the same.

The video itself is just as, if not even more gripping from an experienced-based standpoint as well. Dandecat’s directorial approach is all-too-perfect for a track in this manner, seeing the tellingly ominous and obscured portrayals of Yurms throughout contrasted with the rapid succession of clips and dark imagery. All of these aspects match the song’s rapid pace and sincerely ominous demeanor in their fullest effect. 

Yurms has proven to be a completely of their own mind when it comes to crafting experiences that not only stand out on their own, but completely pave the way for new lanes to be explored moving forward in regards to the rapidly progressing scene that they have helped to define for such a long time now. Releases like these are beyond just great examples of that notion; they are absolutely invigorating and momentous moments that essentially define the term “landmark.”