femdot has been teasing his fans with the release of his brand new project for some time now, and just this morning he blessed us with the final product titled 94 Camry Music. Femdot released the music video for the title track of this song just a few days ago & it has received a ton of love, and this project as a whole is based around the car that femdot grew up driving, a 94 Camry, and the idea is this is what the soundtrack of that time felt like to him. After the intro & title track, we got right into “Hot Lunch” that finds femdot displaying his unmatched lyrical excellence, giving punchline after punchline bars that he never seems to run out of. The lone feature on this EP came from the St. Louis legend on the track “Rap City” that finds these two skilled emcees bouncing off of each other, both slicing apart the magnificent production from Ambi Lyrics and showing why they are acclaimed as some of the best in their own respective lanes. The second half of “Late Night Run” is one of the most menacing & banging tracks that I have ever heard, which was a change of pace from the slow & soothing vibe he provided to start the track, but somehow the clash of two sounds meshed flawlessly. Just looking at the title of “Happy Breakup Song” you can probably assume where that one is heading, fem gave a beautiful jam-based all about a breakup he experienced in the past, an ode to the times they spent but it ends on a happy & upbeat note. The outro record is arguably the best storytelling record that I have heard in all of 2019, femdot painted a picture that has many twists and turns, it’s an experience in itself & in my opinion it’s the perfect ending to this tape. Stream 94 Camry Music below and if you enjoy it then keep up with femdot’s movement by following him on Twitter here!