73RD STREET-[Conner Messman]

It’s hump day which means, your boy is here to drop some tracks in your life that will help you finish off the week in the strongest way possible. An unexpected bop that landed on my radar is by an artist named Conner Messman. The 21-year-old sent me a link to his music about a week ago and I have not been able to stop listening ever since.

The track that’s making it onto our page today is called, “73RD STREET” and it serves as the perfect introduction to an artist who makes intentional music for anyone who is willing to listen. In a brief email exchange, he explained: “I’m not necessarily a storyteller, but someone who wants to make people dance, sing, feel together, or simply just vibe.” I love this quote by Conner so much as it truly displays his humility and selflessness approach that he takes with music. For those who want to dance, sing, feel together or simply just vibe, Conner has found a way to make you do that through this latest song. I definitely do think he’s a storyteller though as the lyrics in this track paint a picture that is a blast to follow.

This joint has been on repeat since I first heard it , so it’s only right that I add the link so you all can see what I’ve been rocking to! Check this out and let us know what you think!